Published on March 8, 2022

Sentosa Golf Club Enters 10-Year Partnership with Toro

The Toro Company, Sentosa Golf Club and Jebsen & Jessen sign a 10-year partnership agreement

Singapore’s Sentosa Golf Club has announced a 10-year partnership with the Toro Company and local Toro distributor, Jebsen & Jessen. The formal agreement includes a complete fleet of Toro golf course maintenance equipment and irrigation products, as well as landscaping tools, training, and on-site service and support.


This announcement marks the latest development in a long-standing relationship between Sentosa Golf Club and Toro. The club has utilised Toro’s proven technology for more than two decades, including support during globally televised events like the SMBC Singapore Open and HSBC Women’s World Championship.


As part of the agreement, Toro will provide a total package of equipment and irrigation solutions to support all areas of maintenance at the club. The package includes a range of hybrid and electric equipment, as well as battery-powered landscape tools — all focused on reducing engine exhaust emissions and promoting overall sustainability.


Sentosa Golf Club also has 36 holes of Toro irrigation, including Toro Infinity Sprinklers and a Lynx System including satellite technology, in addition to Toro Turf Guard wireless soil monitoring to provide in-field data. The Lynx system provides precision water management with features designed to help reduce water usage.


Toro’s hybrid and electric equipment and water-saving irrigation systems align with the club’s dedication to sustainability. Named ‘World’s Best Eco-Friendly Golf Facility for the second consecutive year in 2021, Sentosa Golf Club is recognized worldwide for its commitment to the environment. The club pledged to become the world’s first carbon-neutral golf club by 2022 through initiatives to manage its carbon, water, and waste footprint.


“We’re looking forward to bringing our fleet into the future with Toro and Jebsen & Jessen,” said Andrew Johnston, General Manager and Director of Agronomy at Sentosa Golf Club. “It’s important to us to work with partners who not only share our commitment to the environment but also support our mission to consistently deliver a world-class playing experience. We treat every day like a tournament day, and we know we can expect that level of excellence from Toro.”


Beyond a new fleet of irrigation and course maintenance equipment, the partnership agreement includes support from the technical service team at Jebsen & Jessen and regional support from The Toro Company. An on-site Toro service manager will be based at the club, establishing a state-of-the-art workshop that will serve as a model for Toro.


Toro also plans to base a centre of excellence at Sentosa Golf Club to support and educate regional clients and staff on the latest products, technology and service developments. With this initiative, Toro joins The R&A and the Asian Tour in making Sentosa a key base in the region. Both The R&A and the Asian Tour have offices at the club.


The Toro Company, Sentosa Golf Club and Jebsen & Jessen will enter into a 10-year partnership


The partnership agreement with Sentosa Golf Club comes as Toro begins its 108th year in the golf industry, bringing more than a century of expertise and innovative solutions to the partnership. “This is an historic opportunity for The Toro Company to partner with one of the most respected clubs in Asia and support their mission of carbon neutrality,” said Richard Olson, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Toro Company. “I’ve witnessed Sentosa Golf Club’s passion for the environment first-hand, and it’s an exciting time to work with them on implementing the latest Toro innovations and technology.”


“Sustainability is not a new concept for The Toro Company,” Olson continued. “It’s deeply rooted in our purpose to provide customers with real solutions that are both environmentally responsible and operationally sustainable.”


“As the first industrial conglomerate in Southeast Asia to achieve full carbon neutrality, we take great pride in the fact that we share a common mission with Sentosa and Toro in reducing our impact on the environment,” added Philipp Hoffmann, Regional Director of Jebsen & Jessen Technology Turf & Irrigation. “We look forward to supporting the club as they provide world-class golfing experiences, as well as in their sustainability efforts.”


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