The Greenkeeper Writes

The Day After: Epilogue

Roslan woke up with a groan. His body still ached, but today was the fourth day in the hospital since he was shot.   “Hi.” Rose was beside his bed.

The Day After: Part 11

Roslan didn’t understand what was going on, and because of that, he didn’t tell Rose what had occurred at the meeting. He insisted on driving himself to work despite Rose’s

The Day After Part 10: Madam Wong

  Something was bothering Madam Wong. She just couldn’t shake the feeling that something was not quite right. The GM had told her what had happened outside the meeting room.

The Day After Part 9

Ah Seng scratched his head and sighed. If there were somebody else in the workshop he would have shouted at them already, but he was alone. There was another machine

The Day After Part 8: Nina

Nina arrived at the office earlier than usual. Much earlier. It is unlike her to arrive late but she was rarely this early.   She had heard noises in the

The Day After – Part 7

  This was the part of the job that Roslan hated the most. Meetings. Especially when it involved people outside his department. More so if one of those people outside

The Day After Part 6

Balan was restless. He got the call from Roslan “to be at green 1 in 10 minutes”, but he was already there in 5. Perhaps Roslan wasn’t to be blamed,

The Day After Part 5

Why is she driving so slowly? Can’t she drive any faster? These were the thoughts that went through Roslan’s mind. On another day, he’d have loved spending time with her

The Day After Part 4: Hamsah

All they want us to do is cut, thought Hamsah. That sounded easy enough. “Cut, cut, cut, that’s all we’re going to do this week.” Chong had told the staff

The Day After Part 3.

Nina left the room to bring his buggy – golf cart as the Americans would call them – to the front so that he didn’t have to walk all the

The Day After Part 2

Barely had he walked into the office he saw his assistants Chong and Balan, following in his footsteps. As soon as he sat down behind his desk, both were already

The Day After Part 1

Roslan woke up with a groan. His body still ached, but today was Day 4 after the lockdown had ended. “Movement control order, not lockdown” he corrected himself but calling

Breaking the Speed Limit.

After any major tournament that is broadcast live, it is inevitable golfers will want the same conditions on their course as they see on TV. It is called the “Augusta

Of Mutant Superheroes and Mutant Turf

Question? When are grasses not your average grasses? Answer: When the grasses are mutants. In the Spiderman movie, we get to see how Peter Parker gets his powers; a radioactive

Green, Green Grass of Work

  There are some questions in life where we will never know the answers, for example, questions like, is there intelligent life in outer space? Is it wise for people