Published on August 28, 2019

European Tour Launches Interactive Golf Swing Technology

European Tour launches Interactive Golf Swing Technology. Photo: European Tour

The European Tour announced the launch of The Swing Index, the first artificial intelligence technology that enables millions of golfers to improve their golf swing.

The Swing Index mobile app links golfers to PGA professionals around the world, providing every golfer a two-way, personal experience to send in their golf swing and create rapid game improvement.

Rufus Hack, Chief Content Officer of the European Tour remarked: “Each of our 40 million viewers in 150 countries wants to understand how to hit shots they see every week on the European Tour.  Now they can by sending their swing via the mobile app and get feedback to hit that shot based on their personal swing. Swing Index allows us to transform the broadcast into two-way digital experience on the mobile device.”

The Swing Index was built by a team of the world’s top golf swing coaches and data scientists to study why players mis-hit the golf ball. These mishits include Slices, Pulls, Chunks, Pushes Thins, and loss of distance. The research, published in June of 2019 uncovered that every player has a Primary Swing Fault that prevents their sustainable game improvement. When player is shown their Primary Swing Fault and the correct steps to fix it, the performance of the player dramatically improves.

The research was converted into a mobile app called The Swing Index, where players submit their personal swing from their mobile device where an Artificial Intelligence engine (SwingAI) guided by a world class teaching pro identifies your Primary Swing Fault and produces a personalised step by step roadmap to unleash your potential as a golfer. The result has been sustainable game improvement for players.

Mike Hudak, Chairman of SwingAI, commented: “One of the best parts of this experience is it helps the golfer understand their personal swing and produces a metric based on your golf potential, just like the handicap measures your score, the Swing Index measures your potential as a golfer”

Players can download Swing Index on the App Store or Google Play and sign up for their Swing Index.

Find out more about Swing Index here.