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Published on July 30, 2018

Cobra King F8 ONE Length vs Cobra King F8 Standard Length

Cobra King F8 ONE Length irons

First Impression: Rather thick soles with tungsten on the mid to long irons, so it would seem that these are for game improvement and also easy to hit since the design screams low CG (centre of gravity) for easy to launch shots. The colours of the grips are different, with the ONE length in blue and Standard in grey. It has the same clubhead design for both the ONE length and Standard, but the difference I could think off would be the weight of the clubheads. The Standard has progressive weighting and the ONE length has the same head weight from the short to long irons. On the back of the concealed cavity, there is some cosmetic difference with blue lining around the perimeter of the cavity. The one thing that’s cool about these irons is the concealed cavity with carbon fibre. The carbon fibre weave is like an art in itself and it is a great finishing touch to the irons.




  • Carbon Fibre insert – 100% carbon fibre medallions provide exceptional sound and feel, never before found in a distance iron
  • COBRA’s patented TECFLO™ Progressive Set Technology utilises different clubhead constructions that deliver perfected trajectory and feel from the long irons to wedges
  • Variable hosel lengths promote optimised launch, speed and forgiveness through the set. Lower profile long irons with shorter hosels lower the CG for increased launch and forgiveness. Progressively taller hosels in the mid to scoring irons raise CG for improved control and accuracy on approach shots
  • CNC milling delivers more precise groove structures resulting in optimal spin and trajectory characteristics for the long irons, mid to scoring irons and wedges
  • Source: https://www.cobragolf.com/f8-irons/


Verdict: When addressing the ONE length for the first time with either the PW or 5i that I was testing with, it needed some little getting used to. The PW ‘feels’ like it will go further than a normal pitching wedge does, and true enough, it does go a little further looking at the Trackman data. Spin is high for the wedge probably because of the longer shaft and it goes higher than a standard PW even with progressive weighting on the head, which should produce a lower trajectory. On a positive note, it stops quicker for better shot control. I’m not mentioning the Standard length as it’s more for data comparison.

Holding the 5 iron for the first time, there is a tendency to hit it harder because it ‘feels’ short and might not go as long. The trajectory is a little lower than the Standard length irons and flies a little lower and shorter. It’s not really a big issue since users of ONE length are looking for consistency anyway. If you are looking for consistency and are not very good with the long irons, this is probably a set that you would like to consider since hitting a solid shot with standard length long irons need consistent and accurate ball striking ability. General golfers will probably benefit from using the ONE length as they will have a higher chance of getting better ball contact, especially on the longer irons.


FlexMan is a golfer who has passion for the game and looks forward to testing out new equipments. He is lucky if he gets to play a couple of rounds in a month. A fairly straight ball striker, FlexMan lacks the length off the tee because he does not practice at all due to work commitments. Rounds below 80s are the norm for him, but he is happy to just go out and enjoy a round of golf than thinking of getting a good score. And of course, writing about the different golf gear that he manages to get his hands on.