Published on October 12, 2021

Troon Abu Dhabi Unveils Golf Performance Programme in Partnership with Technogym

Technogym at Troon Abu Dhabi

Troon Abu Dhabi has partnered with Technogym, a producer of design and technology-driven fitness smart connected equipment, to bring specialised golf fitness machines to two of its clubs in the UAE capital, Yas Links Abu Dhabi and Saadiyat Beach Golf Club.



The Technogym Golf Performance Programme is the only scientifically based progressive golf training platform that provides continued exercise content to systematically improve performance while reducing common injuries associated with golf.



As part of this programme, Yas Links Abu Dhabi has now officially taken delivery of a Kinesis® – ONE machine which is designed specifically for golfers and is a single, stand-alone station with hidden weight stacks. The machine offers resistance across three planes of movement and is therefore ideal for golfers looking for rehabilitation and recovery within their personal training programme. The Kinesis® – ONE also provides users the opportunity to explore a broad range of natural movements, improving their functional skills, which is particularly useful for golfers. As the only resistance machine on the market the Kinesis® – ONE was designed for rotational athletes.  The resistance is user-defined rather than fixed path and due to the anti-gravity technology allows for force production to be in the direct pattern of motion without being affected by gravity.



Commenting on the newly installed equipment at Troon Abu Dhabi, a Technogym representative said: “Technogym has been working with the world’s best athletes for over a generation and we continue to innovate and develop new equipment for a range of different sports, including golf. As such, we are incredibly excited by this partnership with Troon Abu Dhabi and look forward to providing professionals with the right level of education.”



Yas Links Abu Dhabi will not be the only club to benefit from the partnership with Saadiyat Beach Golf Club also receiving equipment from Technogym’s renowned “Personal Line” series, which includes Personal Run, Personal bike and Cross Personal fit machines amongst others. As the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club gym is now equipped with a wide variety of state-of-the-art Technogym equipment, golfers will now not only have more open space for functional movement exercises but also better equipment for their personal wellness needs. Technogym is the gold standard for professional athletic training worldwide and has been official training equipment supplier to seven recent editions of the Olympic Games as well as official supplier to many professional teams and athletes in different sport disciplines.



Danny Jakubowski, Group Director of Instruction, Yas Links Abu Dhabi and Saadiyat Beach Golf Club commented, “We are delighted to be partnering with Technogym to bring our members and visitors the very best leisure and fitness experiences across our clubs. For golfers, this is a radical step forward in the fitness sphere and means we can now offer players the opportunity to not only hone their general fitness but also improve their game, via a series of specific exercises. Whether that’s improved mobility, stability or power development, Technogym’s equipment means our golfers can use their workouts, before a round of golf as a form of preparation and warm-up, or alternatively for recovery after a round of golf.”



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