Published on September 28, 2021

Titleist Introduces New Scotty Cameron Phantom X 9.5 Triple Black Putter

Incorporating feedback from touring professionals, then infusing his unique flair for high-end putter making, Scotty Cameron unveils a new model of unparalleled design and performance, the Phantom X 9.5 Triple Black. Crafted in a small seasonal run, this limited release putter expresses many of Scotty’s ideas related to form and function, while also offering dedicated golfers the opportunity to put a Tour-inspired model in play.



The Phantom X 9.5 Triple Black is a new high-MOI mallet head shape that shares many dimensional qualities with the popular Phantom X 5.5 and Phantom X 11 models, but with a matte Tour Black finish and an integrated 6061 aluminium flange-sole component that defines its profile and provides unique alignment cues. A custom engraving inspired by vintage muscle car pinstripes helps to frame the golf ball at address, as three red dots on the topline mark the sweet spot and harken back to the classic look of so many iconic Scotty Cameron putter designs.



In select Titleist golf shops worldwide beginning October 8, the new Scotty Cameron Phantom X 9.5 Triple Black mallet will be offered in 33”, 34” and 35” lengths. Each putter features a solid milled 303 stainless steel body integrated with 6061 aluminium and includes customizable stainless steel sole weights.



“Each new line I create gives me the opportunity to gather feedback, make design improvements and roll out new models that incorporate these new thoughts—whether it’s a new neck, new finish or new alignment options. This Phantom X 9.5 Triple Black is one of those concepts. I gave it our Tour Black finish throughout, including the misted black anodized 6061 aluminium component and the stainless steel body. With its jet black paintfill, I thought the classic car term “Triple Black” fit. I also customized the milled sight dots on the topline with our signature translucent red for an extra bit of style. In keeping with the theme of our limited release offerings, this putter also has a custom headcover, shaft band and a Tour Black shaft,” said Scotty Cameron.



With the integration of stainless steel and aluminium, the new Phantom X 9.5 Triple Black is engineered for performance with a solid, precision-milled 303 stainless steel body expertly fused with a 6061 aluminium flange-sole component to provide optimal weight distribution and overall shape. By positioning the lighter aluminium in the middle of the mallet, MOI and overall stability is increased by the perimeter weighting crafted from heavier stainless steel.



Precision milled in the United States from a block of 303 stainless steel, the new Phantom X 9.5 Triple Black putter was designed with a solid mid-milled stainless steel face that is carried through to the body/wings and integrated with a 6061 aluminium sole-flange component.



The new Phantom X 9.5 Triple Black evolved from player input related to some of the Phantom X line’s most popular models – including the Phantom X 5.5 and Phantom X 11. With the flange-sole component designed into this new model, the player is presented with the confidence-inspiring look of a mallet with the highly desired small slant neck configuration.



The Phantom X 9.5 Triple Black employs the small slant, or “jet”, neck made famous on Tour for its crisp appearance, clean setup and arc-enhancing design. With a full shaft of offset, this unique design gives this compact shape the stability of a mallet with the feel of a blade.



The new Phantom X 9.5 Triple Black putter features advanced stability weighting with two customizable stainless steel heel-toe weights and a stepless steel shaft with our Tour Black finish.



The 6061 aluminium flange-sole component has been misted and anodized black, while the 303 stainless steel—excluding the sole weights—is also misted for glare reduction and has our matte Tour Black finish. Scotty’s familiar three-dot theme is subtly carried through to the milled sight dots on the topline accented in translucent red. All other engravings are finished in jet black.



Each Phantom X 9.5 Triple Black putter comes with a matching speciality mid-round headcover and includes a black Pistolero Plus grip with gray lettering. Additionally, a custom Cameron Concept Triple Black shaft band is included.



The new Scotty Cameron Phantom X 9.5 Triple Black putter will be available worldwide on October 8, 2021, through select Titleist authorized golf shops and will be retailing at RM4,500.