Published on August 28, 2019

Mizuno ST190 Drivers & Fairway Woods Hits MST Golf Stores

ST190 Driver

The Mizuno ST190 Drivers combines every known factor to deliver ball speed and driving distance – aligned with Mizuno’s lowest ever spin rates. Mizuno’s ultra-fast Forged SP700 Ti face is enhanced with a lighter CORTECH structure for consistently higher ball speeds. Combined with a large carbon composite crown and Amplified Wave soleplate to convert each additional MPH into yards gained.

The two models featured are the ST190 and ST190G Drivers. The ST190 Driver is the model that delivers mid to low spin with maximum stability while the ST190G model delivers low spin with maximum adjustability. The differences are achieved through different use of weight within the clubheads.

The ST190 head uses a factory fixed backweight which adds 300gcm^2 MOI for stability from off centre strikes. The ST190G head utilizes twin 7-gram weights on external tracks which can reduce spin by an additional 200rpm. The adjustable placement of weights allows players to achieve their preferred shot shape. A heavy fade or draw bias can also be achieved by placing both weights in one track on the head.

“The ST190 marks a total change in how Mizuno approaches wood design. We now start the development process with our tour players. The tour tested moulds then become our production moulds. In the case of the ST190, this produced a high-speed driver with extremely low spin for the tour, but with the capability of increasing spin for lower swing speed players,” said Ken Tsujui, ST190 Lead Designer.


ST190G Driver

Technological Features for both ST190 & ST190G Drivers

More than 10% stronger than 6-4 Titanium with a fine grain structure to allow a more complex geometry for our CORTECH face. Internal testing proved higher performance than 6-4 Ti at 90mph, 100mph and 110mph head speeds.

A 12-gram carbon composite crown allows 7 grams of weight to be redistributed across the ST190 for consistently higher ball speeds and reduced spin rates.

A heavily amplified 1st wave configuration expands the ST190 CORAREA for improved balls speeds across the clubface and reduced drop off from off-centre strikes.

The study of vibration and soundwaves identified the need for internal ribs – creating a more solid, powerful impact sound.

Performance of our exotic Forged face moves to new levels with improved internal engineering.
Re-engineered CT ribs and ST190 CORTECH face resulted in lighter clubhead weight and a larger COR area. The re-engineered internal structure has allowed for more face flex on heel impacts which minimizes loss of distance on shots struck off the heel.

The ST190 driver is available in 9° and 10.5° lofts while the ST190G driver comes in 9°. Both come with Graphite Design’s Tour AD shafts.

ST190 driver SRP RM2,550
ST190G driver SRP RM 2,790


ST190 Fairway Wood

ST190 Fairway Wood

A deeper, powerful fairway wood – combining a high energy HT1770 Maraging Steel face and lower spin chassis. Engineered using Mizuno’s amplified Wave soleplate and carbon composite crown.

A deeper clubface flexes more like a driver – maximising the ball speed produced by a high energy H1770 Maraging Steel.

Ultra lightweight carbon allows 4g of weight to be moved low within the clubhead – allowing a rare combination of deeper clubface and efficient, low spin ball flight.

Larger first wave creates a balance of stability and sweet spot height – for effective off centre forgiveness without too much backspin.

Powerful, solid sound – tuned through the study of vibration and soundwaves.

The ST190 fairway wood is available in 3 or 5 wood with Graphite Design’s Tour AD shafts.

ST190 fairway wood SRP RM1,490

ST190 Family is exclusively available in MST Golf stores nationwide.

Mizuno is exclusively distributed by MST Golf.