Published on December 19, 2018

MST Golf Appointed as Strategic Partner for Majesty Golf

MST Golf’s K.P. Low, and Dato Loh Ah Joo and representatives of Majesty Golf

MST Golf marked another milestone in the golf industry with the announcement of their appointment by MAJESTY GOLF as Strategic Partner and Exclusive Distributor for Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. “In collaborating with MST Golf, we trust that their experience, strengths, passion and support for golf will drive MAJESTY as a luxury golf brand in these markets,” said Alex Qi, Managing Director of MAJESTY GOLF Greater China and SEA.

“Maruman has been producing golf clubs for nearly 50 years and uses the most cutting-edge manufacturing process to build quality clubs. As MAJESTY became the leading brand of our product portfolio, we decided to ride the wave and re-brand to MAJESTY GOLF as of October 1st, 2018” quoted Alex.

Also present at the event was Tsukamoto Shunsuke, Chief Marketing Officer of MAJESTY GOLF. “MAJESTY continues to focus on exquisite design pushing the boundaries in craftsmanship and technology using only the best materials available. Meanwhile, the Maruman product line will evolve to create a segment catering to a wider selection of golfers around the world” said Tsukamoto.

MAJESTY GOLF is the one and only luxury golf brand that succeeds in obtaining a luxury position in Japan and Korea. “We would accelerate its global expansion centring on China and the South East Asian market more than ever based on these successful experiences. With Japanese craftsmanship, MAJESTY provides the ultimate products to golfers to perform their best with the utmost confidence and pride” reiterated Tsukamoto.

“We are delighted on our appointment as Exclusive Distributor for Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia for MAJESTY. This is a strong testament to the trust of the leading brands placed on MST Golf as the largest golf retailer in South East Asia to advance their brands within the region. We are looking forward to growing with MAJESTY GOLF in our markets” said KP Low, Managing Director of MST Golf.