Published on January 18, 2018

The X Factor

Experience easier distance with the new XXIO X series

Srixon Sports Asia recently introduced the new XXIO X series into the Malaysian market. The new XXIO X series of golf clubs feature the “True-Focus Impact Technology” – a synergy effect between the newly developed shaft that promotes consistent body motion during the swing to tighten impact point dispersion, and the new head that maximizes COR performance at the sweet spot, thus giving golfers more distance. In perpetual search of new technologies for distance, forgiveness and exhilarating impact sound, the XXIO series has evolved through nine generations since its debut in 2000, and have been the No.1 seller in Japan for 17 consecutive years. The XXIO X series are available in stores now. All left-handed and ladies models will be available in January 2018.


XXIO X Driver

The 10th generation of XXIO drivers’ comes in two models – Regular and Miyazaki models. The XXIO X driver Regular model offers high trajectory with exhilarating feel, while the Miyazaki model provides more penetrating trajectory with slightly heavier club weight. Golfers with different play style and swing speed will find it attuned to their needs. Compared to the previous XXIO 9 series, the XXIO X driver adds 5 yards to the Regular model and 3 yards to the Miyazaki model, yielding the longest distance in the history of XXIO. The XXIO X driver Regular model is fitted with MP1000 Graphite Shaft while the Miyazaki model with the Miyazaki Waena Graphite Shaft. Priced at RM2,990.


XXIO X Fairway Woods

The XXIO X fairway woods (#3, #4, #5, #7, #9) and hybrids (H3, H4, H5, H6) are for golfers who want to achieve greater distance with an easier and more enjoyable swing. The fairway woods and hybrids also feature the “True-Focus Impact Technology,” which will increase the chance of golfers hitting the ball on the sweet spot by 13% for the fairway woods and 11% for the hybrids compared to the previous model thus gaining greater distance.

In addition to these new technologies and improvements, the smaller projected area of the head provides a more comfortable look at the address to promote longer carry and greater flight. Compared to the previous XXIO 9 series, the XXIO X fairway woods add 5.5 yards to the Regular model and 3.2 yards to the Miyazaki model. The fairway woods are priced at RM1,990.

The hybrids feature a progressive head design for improved accuracy and distance for each specific club. The H3 and H4 have shallower heads than the previous model to create a high launch and low spin for greater distance, while H5 and H6 have a head with a higher MOI for more accuracy and distance control. The new loft system provides optimal distance gapping across each club. Compared to the previous XXIO 9 series, the new XXIO X Hybrids add 4.9 yards to the Regular model and 3.5 yards to the Miyazaki model. The hybrids are retailing at RM1,490.

XXIO X Irons (RM6,900 for #5 – #9,PW, AW & SW and graphite shaft) and (RM5,800 for #5 – #9, PW, AW & SW and steel shaft)

Just like the driver, FW and hybrids, the XXIO X irons feature the “True-Focus Impact Technology,” which allow golfers to hit the ball on the sweet spot and gain more distance easily. Also featuring stronger loft, longer club length and deeper CG to combine distance performance and high trajectory, the new irons provide extra 3.3 yards compared to the previous model, without sacrificing launch condition. The chance of hitting the ball on the sweet spot is also increased by 11% compared to the previous model. Two different high-density tungsten-nickel weights are located back in the thicker sole, and low-density titanium is used for the face to deepen CG location. While deepening the CG location, the XXIO X irons retain conventional head shape, and the sole is invisible at the address. Unlike excessive wide sole designs adopted by many deep CG irons, it provides a comfortable look at the address.

The #5 – #9,PW, AW & SW with graphite shaft are retailing at RM6,900 while the #9, PW, AW & SW and steel shaft are selling at RM5,800.


XXIO Milled Putter

The XXIO Milled Putter originally debuted in December 2015 with the mallet type putters, which were favored by many golfers for their soft and responsive feel, as well as smooth and consistent roll. The new Blade putter now joins the lineup to meet preferences of different golfers. The right-handed model is available in two different lengths of 32 and 34 inches. Right-handed and left-handed models are available. Priced at RM990.