Published on December 2, 2020

Crown Group is Leading the Pack in Pet-Friendly Living

Crown Group is leading the pack in pet friendly apartment living by creating a paradise for fur babies at its latest development in Waterloo, Sydney with a pet grooming studio and a cat café about to open and a dedicated new park.


Director of Property Management Anthony Caudullo said Crown Group developments had always been pet friendly. Its latest development, Waterfall by Crown Group, had created an ideal environment for pet lovers.


“We were one of the first Sydney developers to accommodate for pets and to cater to that demand with our building design, our retail mix and with our in-house property management,” he said.


“Waterfall by Crown Group is the best and most recent example of a pet friendly apartment development, as it has 2600sqm of internal gardens with grassed areas and 3600sqm of dog-friendly parks surrounding it.


“We created a substantial park directly alongside the development on council land, called Rope Walk Park, which is perfect for children and pets to play.


“There are also two pet-focused retail spaces: Baby Pet Studio, a dog grooming parlour that opens soon, and YuMiao, a cat café based on a model that is popular in Japan, which will both open soon.”


Mr Caudullo said that because Crown Group had its own residential property management division and retail leasing division, it was able to analyse data to gauge demand for pet friendly apartments from quality tenants, then adapt its offering.


“As a result, our retail leasing team has designed the retail mix to incorporate pet friendly outlets and our development teams have modified the design of all our future developments – common area and lift lobby floor finishes all have hard wearing surfaces that are resilient to little paws and occasional accidentals.


“This is attractive to owners as well, who enjoy the higher demand from quality rental applicants.”


Waterfall by Crown Group resident Rob rents a two-bedroom apartment with his partner, dog Bentley and cat Brodie. They love how pet-friendly the building is, given the ease of the application process and the amenities on offer.

Rob with Bentley and Brodie at Waterfall by Crown Group

“We loved the fact that it is a new building – it kind of transports you and makes you feel like you are on a holiday, with the pool, the lagoon, the outdoor cinema, they all have that wow factor when you walk in or when you bring friends over,” he said.


“But the pet factor was also important. This place is more accepting of pets than anywhere else we’ve lived. You can walk your pets down to the common areas like the garden and lagoon and there is literally nowhere they can escape from all the way, from the corridors to the front gate. There are also a lot of dog parks and pet-friendly cafes in the area, so you have your pick of places to go.”


How it works


The Registered Strata Plan generally allows for one pet per apartment up to a certain weight limit, based on the apartment owner’s approval. Tenants must provide additional information about their pets in a pet application, along with their tenancy application. The Property Manager ensures pets are pre-qualified and registered on the Building Manager’s system.


Landlords should ensure they have adequate landlord insurance that includes coverage for pet damage and that they engage with professional and proactive property managers to carry out regular routine inspections.


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